3D Printer Build

I’m finally somewhat settled in the new house, and have simultaneously had the time, space, and motivation to build my Prusa i3 clone!


This is the built printer, before managing cables (not the zip ties in the corner). The build was slow going, as there was no instruction pamphlet in the box, and being a no-name Shenzhen factory special, I had no model name or site to visit. It is similar to many documented kits, but not identical. As I was winging-it during construction, there were times I had to go backwards and rebuild when I’d missed something…

After about 5 hours, I was done. I put the supplied SD card into my laptop to copy over some calibration prints, and I found assembly instructions in a word document!  All in Chinese, but would have helped me with the pictures! I seemed to follow it pretty closely without. Powered on, and everything kinda works – control on moving the printhead, extrusion, the interface etc. So I through a model at it…


Plastic is coming out, and making shapes similar to what I requested… So getting there!

Next up, calibration!