Announcing “Solo Sci-Fi Sidekick”

After a long time on the back burner, I can now announce my first ever physical product, that will be launching on Kickstarter in early June!

“Solo Sci-Fi Sidekick” is a special 72 card deck to help generate ideas for solo roleplayers/gamesmasters playing science fiction games, or even for storytellers looking for inspiration.

Each of the cards has the following features:-

  • D4/D6/D8/D10/D12/D20 dice rolls
  • Space Events
  • Action & Subject
  • Compass Heading
  • Graphical oracle

Each card also has a basic GM emulator, for answering Yes/No questions about the scenario being played out. They can be found on the cards here:-

Here is a little video presentation showing these various features in more detail:-

In addition, I ave also made the following video, showing how some of these generators can be used in practice to generate the stories in your games:-

All in all, I have found this to be a great little invention for solo roleplaying in science fiction settings. As I’ve found it so useful, hopefully others will too!

We’ll know for sure once the Kickstarter campaign launches in June!

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    1. Thanks! It looks like the kickstarter isn’t going to make the funding goal, but keep an eye on my blog for details of where it can be ordered for Print-On-Demand

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