i3 Tiling Window Manager – xmonad-style keybindings

This should be a quick post. After spending far too much time lurking on /g/, I finally took the plunge and looked into the world of Tiling Window Managers.

Laptop interface
Laptop interface with i3 & i3status

I generally use a laptop at home (and hate touch pads with passion) so avoid the mouse as much as possible. I’d heard lots of talk of them being great for keyboard-only use, so dipped my toe in and tried a few out… [click the image to go straight to config files]

The best I found “out-of-the-box” was xmonad – and it was shaving time off most of my workflows… But configuring it sucked. I’d really “clicked” with the default keybindings, but all configuration was done using the language Haskell. And it was hell, with stupid syntax. Never used the language before, and that experience put me off for life.

I finally settled on i3 as it’s replacement, and it is wonderful. In combination with i3status it was a wonderful replacement for my xmonad setup, and with much easier configuration. You can find my config files over on github notabug (or click the pic above) – feel free to ask questions in the comments.


I have moved away from GitHub following their acquisition by Microsoft, so all links updated to my new code repo on notabug