Information is Ammunition!

So, not much painting progress for a while… But I have been doing some in the background! I love Battletech, and loved the animated series, so I’ve started painting some mech’s based on the schemes in that show, and in the action figure line. Got a lance of the First Somerset Strikers done, and started on some Jade Falcon opposition…

 2016-04-05 20.33.45-1.jpg

Adam Steiner, Valten Ryder, Zachary “Miles” Hawkins, and Ciro Ramirez reporting for duty!


A closer WIP of Steiner’s Axman

2016-04-05 20.31.18

Ciro Ramirez’s Wolfhound


…and a lone Timberwolf/Mad Cat to face them!

In addition to these guys I’ve also done one point of Elementals, but can’t find the photo I took of those guys… All in all, I’m quite appy with how they turned out, keeping a somewhat toy/cartoony look to them. Except for the Mad Cat, that one sucks. But I blame alot of that on the shitty cast (the rest were ILM/Ral Partha metals, but that guy was one of the terrible PlasTech from an old CityTech starter. Needless to say, my pictures suck ass – all these look a lot better from the tabletop than they do enlarged on your screen!

Either way, I feel confident that Major Adam Steiner can TAKE BACK MY HOME PLANET