KickSTOPPED – The Future of Solo Sci-Fi Sidekick

Unfortunately, the kickstarter for Solo Sci-Fi Sidekick failed… Given that it is a niche product in a niche segment of a niche hobby, I’m not entirely surprised – especially given my complete lack of marketing skills, and near hatred for social media.

But this setback is not the end of the story, and I have new plans to get my creation into the hands of gamers…

The original printer I had found to do this Kickstarter run has a print-on-demand service, so this deck has been sent to them for approval for sale through their online portal – they just have to check that it is suitable to be ordered by the general public. Given the content, I’m not expecting any hurdles to appear, and as soon as I get the “ready for sale” email, I will be posting the link to it here as another update.

While this printer had excellent deals for bulk orders (which was great when I was planning to order and ship out myself with the kickstarter funds), there single copy costs are quite high indeed. This will likely be the most expensive way to get this deck, but it will come with the printed box, and I can vouch for the quality.

DriveThruCards also offer a print-on-demand service, at a much lower cost for individual units – the price for a single deck will be much lower than with my current printer. So I have done some tidying up to my artwork, and started to set up a project page over there. However, that page can’t go live until I have received the proof copies to agree to. These were shipped 2 days ago, so will have to see how long they take to get across the pond to the UK.

I have no idea of how the quality compares to my original printer, and they will come without the printed box – as that is not offered on single order print-on-demand by DriveThruCards. However, it will be significantly cheaper – and as they are based in the US it will massively reduce shipping costs for anybody Stateside that wants a deck.

So keep an eye out, and I’ll be dropping some links as soon as they are available to order from these two outlets.

Until then, happy gaming!