Lament Configuration – 3D Project

Recently, I received a 3D printer kit for my birthday from the ever wonderful ladyfriend (unfortunately, I haven’t been able to assemble it due to space/time constraints, but very shortly will be in my new house with enough room to build it). With that in mind, I started playing around learning how to use FreeCAD, to generate lots to print!

The first object worth sharing is the “Lament Configuration”, AKA the box from Hellraiser


The above picture is how it will supposedly turn out. I will, of course, report when I’ve attempted to print it myself. All the files are available over on my Thingiverse, if you fancy printing it for yourself first. Let me know how that goes if you try!

This was made in FreeCAD. The basic building block is a beveled coaster shape, 10cms square, that would form a cube. I used spheres to make joinging points between them – some sides have half a sphere bulging out, the matching section has a depression that fits. Using the hi-res images that Artist064 posted to DeviantArt as a base, I inverted them in GIMP, converted them to SVG vector graphics using Inkscape, then imported that into FreeCAD and matched it to the faces of the cube. Extrude the paths from the SVG file into 2mm thick solid objects, cut that out of the basic side shape, and you have a face created with 2mm depth detail (this may be a little too deep, will have to see how it looks/feels when printed). Repeat this process 6 times, and you’re done!


To be fair though, the Thingiverse auto-renderings do look pretty good!

I can’t wait to print/paint/assemble/etc. and see how it looks in reality. Expect a follow up post when I’ve got the printer up and running…