New LBRY Channel & Music Video Upload

EDIT:- Updated to show links from Odysee, as the web front end is closing… Just after I found it! Odysee is arguably a better interface to the network though, and practically no different in usage.

I have recently heard about, a video streaming service similar to YouTube, but with the added buzzwords of BLOCKCHAIN PROTOCOL. Being quite enamoured by the fediverse lately, I obviously had to make a channel of my own!

Now that I have a channel, what better way to fill it with content than create a music video in Emacs!

Now, for a little info about both of these things…


LBRY itself is an interesting beast – hosting for content can start on your own PC, then stored across a network similar to torrents. This content is then accessed via the protocol’s interesting naming system. Effectively, each channel & piece of content has it’s own name, and a has for the details on the network. When a channel is started, or a video is uploaded, this is also backed by a bit of their own cryptocurrency called LBC (LBRY Credit). How much you assign to each video is up to you (but non-zero), and in the case of 2 names on the system clashing, then whichever has the most LBC assigned to it wins. The lesser content is still available, but only by it’s much longer name forms. Viewers of your content can add their own LBC to your videos in the form of a tip – this shows they want to support your content, and helps keep it easily accessible as it is more likely to win any fights.

All LBC used to boost videos can be taken out at any time. This includes the “tips” other viewers have placed on your videos – LBC assigned can be seen as a deposit, more than a purchase.

LBC can be bought, acquired via various crypto-exchanges, or recieved as rewards for engaging in the LBRY eco system (making channels, uploading videos, viewing content, following other, etc). Rewards do take time though, here is my wallet after playing around in the system for 24 hours:-


And here is a chart of it’s value over the last day:-


With LBC currently trading at around 0.18ยข, I’m halfway to a dollar already! (Side note, “curl” is a very handy little tool if your interested in crypto trading & values)

That’s the basics of how it all works, much more info is available over on their FAQ. And of course, my channel can be viewed to see it in action – Overall, I find it a very interesting project, with the LBC incentive that other decentralized video platforms like PeerTube and BitChute lack.

Back Of The Pack

So, on to my content. I decided it was time to make some music videos for all my old songs, and then maybe make even more! First, I typed out all the lyrics to my song “Back Of The Pack”, then followed the below process to make the video:-

  1. Start cli-visualizer (a nice way to see audio output in a Linux terminal)
  2. Load up lyrics file in Emacs
  3. Set the key-ring-max variable large enough to eat the hole file
  4. C-k every line from the end to the beginning
  5. Make the text HUGE
  6. Start SimpleScreenRecorder
  7. Play the song with aplay
  8. Scroll through the kill-ring in Emacs, showing each line of lyrics as I go
  9. Stop recording
  10. Trim it down to size in Flowblade

Overall, I like the effect. I still need to learn much more about using Flowblade, as I plan to make videos for all my old songs, and various other content for LBRY of my various projects. I’m having fun, and being somewhat creative – a rare occurrence with everything else that eats up my time these days!

Maybe next up I’ll make some DOOM videos, or the funny fingerboarding video I keep thinking about. Keep an eye on my channel and see if I actually produce anything else!