QsDoomLauncher – v0.1

Q's Doom Launcher

Here is my latest project – a GZDoom launcher for Linux, which runs through a Rofi/dmenu interface for selecting IWADs & modifications. This is aimed at anyone who likes Doom and uses tiling window managers. All in a simple bash script, which you can download from my NotABug repository.

Check out my Odysee page if you want to see a video demonstration of it in action!

See below for details of how it works!

The system works in a simple enough way. Basic config means setting up 2 different directories – one for IWADs, and one for mods (in either WAD or PK3 format). You also have to choose whether to use Rofi or dmenu as the menuing system, all examples here will show Rofi (my preferred option, a dmenu example can be seen in the video linked above).

Rofi menu showing a list of Doom WADs

After selecting a base WAD, it will then open a second menu where you can select any of your saved mod files.

Rofi menu showing a list of Doom mods

On this menu, you can select modifications one by one – each time one is selected, it will be marked with a “[+]” to signify it is loaded (in this example li-wpnitm.pk3 & nashgore.PK3 are selected). If you chose something in error, you can reset them with the option at the bottom, or select “Done”.

Then it will just launch GZDoom with the chosen IWAD and modifications. A simple tool for a specific job, but it fits in perfectly with my existing i3wm setup. As far as Doom launchers go, Linux seems to have limited options compared to Windows, so I thought making my own was the best way to go.

I do have some more features planned (supporting additional Doom engines, showing better names than filenames, and some others), but if you want to play GZDoom from Linux and have a similar setup to mine, this may be worth a shot.