Solo Fluxx – Pocketmod Rulebook

I’ve been playing Solo Fluxx recently. Now, the rules aren’t complicated, but I might forget them. And the rules that Looney Labs have provided are great and all, but I thought it would be nice to have them in the form of a Pocketmod booklet.

This makes for a handy, readable way to keep the rules in the game box, in a way I feel is superior to just a folded up sheet of A4 paper.

You can find the PDF right here:-

The Pocketmod format is great, from a single sheet of paper you can create a hand little 8-page booklet – great for all sorts of purposes. If you are unsure how to fold one of these, check out this video:-

I hope that someone else finds this a little bit useful – and even if they don’t, I’ve found it useful!

DISCLAIMER – I have no connection to Looney Labs, and make no claims to own these rules in any way. If anybody has an issue with me sharing this PDF, please get in contact.