Solo Sci-Fi Sidekick – Now Available from PrinterStudio!

Just as per the title, you can now order a physical copy of Solo Sci-Fi Sidekick from PrinterStudio! Follow the widget below or visit the site direct at

As previously mentioned, this is an expensive way to get a single deck – but it is the printer I have used for my proof copies, as seen in all promotional images here and used in my Odysee videos… As such I can vouch for the quality of both the deck and the tuck-box. have been a great service to deal with, and I do recommend using them if you have any custom printing required – be it on cards, poker chips, bags, phone cases – they have all sorts of options and are worth looking at, especially if ordering in bulk. That said, they are not the cheapest for small print runs, but the quality is excellent.

I am still waiting for proofs to arrive from DriveThruCards – that will be significantly cheaper for each deck when available to order, but will come without a box. Quality is also TBC, but I’ll let you know when they are received.