Genesis – It all starts with an idea…

All things start with an idea, and while playing through BioWare’s Mass Effect trilogy, I had one.

Back in the Mega Drive/Genesis era, I remember playing a game called “Starflight” by Binary Systems.This game had everything I wanted at the time – a giant galaxy to explore, different races to meet and fight, planets to explore, and all tied together with a loose background story of your epic voyage through space. Playing the first Mass Effect reminded me of this game in many ways, especially when exploring planets in the Mako vehicle. The devs at BioWare have even mentioned Starflight as one of their inspirations for the game. (As a side note, I think it’s a shame that vehicle exploration was cut from the rest of the trilogy – it took away a lot of the sense of adventure, seemed to close down the scale of the universe, and made the game feel closer to the normal dull “corridor-shooter”. But the rest of the gameplay mechanics had been tweaked and improved so I could never get too mad.)

With a head full of Mass Effect, and my nostalgia glands throbbing at the memory of Starflight, I have decide to take on a project to combine the two. So I am going to be working on a romhack of the MD/Genesis version of Starflight, replacing graphics and text to make a Mass Effect themed version. Gameplay will remain unchanged, as that kind of assembly hacking is beyond my current knowledge, but after a bit of digging I may end up making some changes – we’ll just have to see what I learn.

I will be documenting the process here, so fingers crossed it actually functions!