The Adventures of Triff Dyloss in the Crab Claw Cluster – Part 1

As promised, below is the Part 1 of the Triff Dyloss saga I have begun. I’ve been using Classic Traveller as a base (though that is quite an open system, hardly any of the rules have affected my adventure yet), being controlled by Mythic GME. This solo RPG session has become more of a structured writing experience than most D&D solo APs seem, but it’s been fun nonetheless!

The text in green denotes MythicGME rules mechanics in play, text in red shows Traveller rules, and blue is where I’ve just homebrewed something on the fly for randomization.

As I’ve said, this is more of a story than a crunchy rules heavy bit of roleplaying. But it’s a great start, and thoroughly exciting to play out!

In the far reaches of space and time, passionate people still have guttermouth – hit the jump to read on.

Date – 8322PD-1 – 1300 Laspra time
Scene 1 setup: Triff Dyloss has just mustered out of the scout service, and heads to see his Cmdr in the scout base on Laspra. [Roll against Chaos(5) – roll 4, interrupt]
INTERRUPT – [38 – move toward thread – “passion beuracracy”]
As Triff walks across the scout base compound toward the main office, he sees a ruckus at the main door. 2 meathead security types are escorting what appears to be an ex-employee out. As he approaches the door, he gets within earshot of the commotion.
??? Reasearcher ??? – “…but can’t you see, it’s ALL in the data! Everything I’ve logged over the past 3 years all points to my conclusions!”
[Does the security stay calm? Likely – roll 17 – yes]
Security 1 – “Miss Linson, I can’t speak on your work here. Your attitude has been the problem, that’s why we have to escort you from here. Your employment is terminated, and access has been revoked.”
??? Linson – “My attitude? My FUCKING ATTITUDE? You all think I’ve gone crazy, because I give half a shit about what’s happening out there! Well it will be here soon, don’t you ignore that fact!”
Security 2 – “Miss Linson, please don’t make this any more complicated than necessary.” The guard hands Miss Linson a box filled with personal effects. Which she promptly snatches away.
??? Linson “Complicated like getting pistol whipped and dragged out of here? I’d rather walk. Walk far away.”
[Can Triff calm her down? Very unlikely – roll 45 – no]
Triff – “What’s happening here? Miss, are you okay?”
??? Linson – “Fucking fine! Lost my job, kicked out by security? I’m fucking PEACHY. Take some advice, stay away from this place. Big trouble is coming, and these clowns eject the only person who has half a clue. Fuck ’em.”
With that she storms across the compound, under the watchful eye of of security.
[Will security talk about what just happened? Somewhat likely – roll 42 – yes]
Triff – “What the hell was that about?”
Security 1 – “Sice Linson. Good researcher. Used to be pleasant. Something changed though, she’s been that fiery for months. Only a matter of time before they kicked her.
Security 2 – “Pfft, fiery. That’s a weird way to pronounce batshit.” Scans Triff’s ID on his noteputer “Head on up Mr Dyloss. A meeting with the commander? Good luck”
Triff – “Thanks. I think.” Triff enters the building and heads up to Cmdr Moora’s office.
[Scene wrapped. New character – Sice Linson. New thread – “big trouble”. Chaos increases to 6]
Scene 2 setup: Triff Dyloss has entered the scout base on Laspra, to see Scout Commander Moora. [Roll against Chaos(6) – roll 1, altered] In the office of Cmdr Moora, there is a file on the desk marked “Sice Linson”
Cmdr Moora – “Triff! Come in, sit down, we need to chat.”
Triff – “Thanks Commander” Trif takes a seat opposite the desk from hre
Cmdr Moora – “Please, it’s Kimby. We’ve known each other for years, and as of 0900 this morning you’re not even part of the service anymore.”
Triff – “Ok, Kimby it is! Feels weird to say it” Triff looks at the desk, and notices the Sice Linson file atop various other papers. He points and says “Linson? Didn’t I just see her leaving?
[Is the commander evasive about Linson? Somewhat likely – roll 43 – yes]
Cmdr Moora – “I imagine you did. Just a former employee, wrapping up some paperwork” She takes the file and puts it into a drawer in her desk. “So, how’s the taste of freedom?”
Triff – “It’s only been a few hours, I can barely taste anything yet. Plus, being sat here makes me think freedom isn’t quite ready for me yet…”
Cmdr Moora – “You always were a perceptive one…”
Triff – “So, what’s the score? If this was just social, it’s be over cheap wine down at the Spacefarer’s Lament, not in your office.”
Cmdr Moora – “As noted, you areperceptive. Well, let’s cut the crap. You are aware we occasionally let you ex-scouts leave the service with your ship?”
Triff – “I’ve seen it in the past. Are you saying I get to keep the Voidrunner?”
Cmdr Moora – “Unfortunately not. She’ll be reassigned to a new crew. You get something better. You get to be the test rat for the new type SX. It’s a nice 175ton scout vessel, with a nice lab and a bit more cargo space than you’re used to. Maybe even enough to be self-reliant, if you choose the right cargoes…”
Triff – “I’ve seen the design docs on that, it’ll be nice to put it through it’s paces!”
Cmdr Moora – “It’s why I’m letting you have it. We will need somewhat regular reports on it, however. It’s had 3 years of testing so far, and we’re sure it’s spaceworthy, but we’ve not used them operationally. Nothing major, just fuel efficiency, maintenance issues, systems quality and integrity. The ships computer will automatically log this data for you, if you could just add a bit of ‘first erson experience’ to this data and bring it back here whenever possible. It’s not even in full production yet, we just want to get a handle on what problems real-world use will have before signing off on more of them.”
Triff – “That’s fair enough. Returning to Laspra is a cheap price to pay for a brand new ship.”
Cmdr Moora – “That’s notttthe only cost – you will have to help us with certain, let’s say tasks, from time to time. Starting now.”
Triff – *groans* “I knew it sounded too good to be true. What’s my first ‘task’ to be then?”
[Is she forthcoming with information? – Very likely – roll 52 – yes]
Cmdr Moora – “As you know, we do a lot of research at this station. And in the process of combing over the last few years worth of deep space scans, we’ve noticed an anomaly. An object of some significant mass is heading through deep space at quite a pace cutting a course straight through the Crab Claw Cluster. It’s currently heading through zone 0202, and current projections have it reaching zone 0305 in 7 months time. Undestandably we’d like to investigate this well before it is anywhere near Oya. So sort out your new ship, jump out for a week, find out what it is, another week back, and we still have over 6 months to play with. Could be nothing, but we’d like to be sure.”
Triff – “Significant mass?”
Cmdr Moora – “Displacement somewhere between 50 and 5000 tons. This was noticed in deep sweeps, not focused readings.”
Triff – “That hardly narrows it down. Any idea what this thing is?”
[Does she? – 50/50 – roll 97 – exceptional no]
Cmdr Moora – “If we did, I’d tell you. Just gonna have to go see for yourself this time. We’ll cover your expenses upon your safe return.”
Triff – “How very very generous of you. Ok. I’m gonna hit the starport, make some preparations for this little jaunt. I just hope it’s not big trouble…” Triff gets up to leave
[Does she pick up on “big trouble”? – Likely – roll 19 – yes]
Cmdr Moora – “Big trouble…” she clearly pieces something together in her mind, and moves to take a folder back out of her drawer. “There’s something I need to check out. Make sure you come back and see me before departing. 0900 hours tomorrow would be perfect.”
Triff – “Will do, boss. I mean Kimby. That’ll take some getting used to.” Triff leaves.
[Scene wrapped. New character – Sct Cmdr Kimby Moora. New thread – “anomaly”. Chaos reduced to 5]
Date – 8322PD-1 – 1400 Laspra time
Scene 3 setup: Triff leaves the scout compound, and heads into town seeking information about Linson [Roll against Chaos(5) – roll 8]
Triff heads out the gates of the scou compound. Directly across the street is the city hall – seems like a good a place as any to start tracking down this “Sice Linson”.
[Is the reception empty? – Very likely – roll 21 – yes]
He walks through the door to reception. There is a Civil Servant sat behind the main desk, working away at her computer terminal. There is a public computer in the corner, in a small waiting area with several sofas.
Civil Servant – “Good afternoon, can I help at all?”
Triff – “Hopefully. An old friend of mine has been on Laspra for a few years, I was looking to get back in touch. Would you be able to help me find an address?”
[Check against Admin, target 7+. No expertise, DM -3. Roll 11 (8) – Success]
Civil Servant – “Well, I can check the public listings for you. And what’s his name?”
Triff – “Her name – Sice Linson.”
[Is there a public record? – 50/50 – roll 79 – no]
Civil Servant – “I’m afraid nothing is coming up for ‘Linson’. Is there anything else I can help you with?”
Triff – “Damn. No, thanks for your help.”
With that, Triff leaves the city hall.
[Scene wrapped. Chaos reduced to 4]
Date – 8322PD-1 – 1415 Laspra time
Scene 4 setup: Triff heads down the street to the local spacer bar, “Spacefarer’s Lament”, hoping to find some help for tomorrow’s jaunt. [Roll against Chaos(4) – roll 9]
[Roll for random encounter (5+) – roll 1 – nothing happens]
Triff walks into the bar
[Is it busy? – Somewhat likely – roll 97 – exceptional no]
The bar is practically deserted. Beside the bar is a jukebox playing some generic electronic music. “Is something up?” think’s Triff. Besides him and the aging barman, the only 2 people in here seem to be well seasoned drunks, catching up on their afternoon sleep. Triff walks up to the bar, and takes a seat on a stool.
Barman – “What’ll it be son?”
Triff – “I don’t know, any reccomendations?”
Barman – “Try the Kivit ale. Local drink. Sour, but it has a kick. Only 3cr for a half litre.”
Triff – “Get me a litre”. The barman looks at him for a second, then nods and starts pouring. He put’s the glass on the bar, and Triff drops come notes in payment. As he sips from the large glass, the powerful drink hits him. A sharp intake of air later, and he’s in control again. “You were’nt lying about the kick!” The barman just smirks at him.
Triff – “So, why’s it so empty? I thought a place like this would be jumping”
Barman – He shrugs “Swings and roundabouts in this place. Either dead or packed, depends what’s happening down the starport more than anything.”
Triff – “Damn shame. I was hoping to find some help for a little jaunt I’m taking. Do you know of any spacers looking for a bit of work?”
[Does he know anyone? – Likely – roll 46 – yes]
Barman – “I know a few guys looking for work. Some are a bit flaky, depends how desperate you are. Leave me your details and I’ll get them to buzz you.”
Triff – “Cheers” Triff scribbles his comm number down and passes it to the barman. “Long shot, but I don’t suppose you know a Sice Linson, do you?”
[Does he know Sice Linson? – very unlikely – roll 52 – no]
Barman – “There I can’t help you.”
Triff – “Damn.” Triff continues to drink his Kivit ale his mind lost in thoughts about tomorrow’s jaunt. I get a new ship! But I have no crew… But it’s only a reccy, I can do that alone! But what if something goes wrong, this is an untested desgin… I was a scout for 24 years, I’ve already faced the worst! But I can’t shake this feeling that Linson’s ‘big trouble’ is out there. Big trouble… Big trouble…
Triff suddenly has a flash of awareness. An hour has passed, his ale is down to backwash, and there are a few more bodies in the bar, but it’s still shockingly quiet. He downs the last of his drink, and heads to his motel across the road to get some rest before the day is out.
[Scene wrapped. Chaos reduced to 3]
Date – 8322PD-1 – 2130 Laspra time
Scene 5 setup: Triff awakes to check messages, hoping for help for the mission. [Roll against Chaos(3) – roll 6]
Triff awakes, and looks at his Communicator.
[Does he have any messages? – Very likely – roll 27 – yes]
[Are they all job applications? Near sure thing – roll 46 – yes]
[D6 applications recived. Roll 1]
Triff – looking at communicator “Just one? Let’s see…”
[D10 on custom character table (scout weighted) – roll 9 – Scientist]
[Roll random Scientist in supplement 4 (Citizens of the Imperium) (D4-1×10)+D10 – roll 31]
[Scientist – 75887B – Age 26 – 2 terms – Computer-1, Carousing-1] [Flip a coin for sex – Male]
Triff – “Berteph Gryante. Posh kid, good family, likely spoilt. Ex-scientist. Party animal, if I know the type. Shit. At least he may be able to run some of the lab equipment – use it to make some moonshine at the least. And an extra pair of hands usually helps.” Triff tries to call him.
[Does he answer? 50/50 – roll 4 – exceptional yes]
The comm barely before being answered.
Male voice – “Hello?”
Triff – “Berteph Gyrante?”
Berteph – “Speaking.”
Triff – “This is Triff Dyloss, the man who was looking for help”
Berteph – “Oh, hi! So you read my application?”
Triff – “Enough of it to follow it up. What do you know about the job?”
Berteph – “Not a lot. Jumping out-system, needed on short notice. No real details.”
Triff – “Well, I still don’t have a lot of detail to give you. Can you meet me at the starport tomorrow, 0830? I’ll give you all the details then. You can decide then if you wanna join me or not.”
Berteph – “Sounds good. I could do with some time off this rock!”
Triff – “I know that feeling. Just one more question – in your time as a scientist, did you do any research work on the scout base here in the city?”
[Did he work on the scout base? Unlikely – roll 76 – no]
Berteph – “No, mostly worked with the automation team down at the power plant. Mostly at a computer hunting down programming bugs. A chunk of my time was more hands on with geothermal generators, laying down plasma conduits for when that system finally gets started. Probably another 2 years out before that side of the plant is complete, looks like we’re gonna be hauling in gas until then. Beats trying to refine Kivit, atleast.”
Triff – “Fair enough, I’ll see you in the morning.”
Berteph – “Seeya there, boss”
Triff cut the line, then hangs is head. Kids…
[Scene wrapped. New Character – “Berteph Gyrante”. Chaos increased to 4]
Date – 8322PD-2 – 0830 Laspra time
Scene 6 setup: Triff meets with Berteph to explain the mission, before meeting with Kimby. [Roll against Chaos(4) – roll 4 – interrupt]
INTERRUPT – [63 – PC negative – “violate messages”] [Interrupt not working, altering scene instead]
Triff walks down the main drag towards the starport, when his communicator starts beeping frantically.
Triff – “What the hell” He takes his communictor out of his pocket, and he can see on the screen that messages are arriving, then instantly disappearing. As soon as one flashes onto the screen, it is gone and replaced by an empty or nonsensical error messages. The cycle repeats over and over, with chirps and beeps and vibrations each time. At last a message stayss on the screen “SEGFAULT unknown process failed, device must be restarted”.
Triff – “Great.” He turns it off and on again, and immediately it starts looping messages in and out with errors again, before returning to the error screen. “SEGFAULT unknown process failed, device must be restarted”.
Triff – “Technology fails me again.” Another restart, this time the screen shows nothing but the image of a padlock. “Dammit. How am I gonna find the kid now?”
[Were any important messages missed? Somewhat likely – roll 54 – no]
Triff reaches the entrance to the starport. He looks down at his communicator, which is still showing a padlock sign. With no way to call Berteph, he looks around lost.
Triff – “Berteph!!! BERTEPH GYRANTE!!!”
[Is the kid there? – Very likely – roll 55 – yes]
A smooth looking young man starts strolling up to him , with a beaming smile on his face. Dressed like a fashionable parody of a spacer in a crisp blue shipsuit, factory faded red jacket, and shiny black calf boots without a single crack or stain on them, he walks right up to Triff.
Berteph – “That’s me! You must be Captain Dyloss” he offers his hand for a shake, which Triff readily accepts.
Triff – “That’s me, but just call me Triff. I’m only captain on the ship.”
Berteph – “Ok Triff. So is your ship here or orbiting?”
Triff – “Who knows. I haven’t even seen her yet, let alone been given the codes. That’s the next job this morning.”
Berteph – “Exciting morning for you? So after that job, what is thejob? You said you’d have some more details for me.”
Triff – “I’ve got some, but not a lot. Here’s the short version – yesterday, I mustered out of the Coalition of Systems Scout Service. As occasionally happens to us ex-COSSS folks, we get a loan ship from the service. Well Scout Cmdr Moora – the head of operations on Laspra – said I have a ship as my going away present. And not just any old Type-S, some new, larger variant she reffered to as a Type-SX. More crew berths, more cargo room, meatier computer, and a nice onboard laboratory. In my reitrement, I get to put it through it’s paces.”
Berteph – “Nice! Good retirement present”
Triff – “Better than a commerativ watch. However, one of the conditions of taking on these vessels is doing the occasional job for the scouts – which is not optional. Cmdr Moora let me know she already has a job lined up. Their research centre has been going over old deep space scans, and have noticed an anomaly. Roughly a parsec into deep space there is something, with a mass between 50 & 5000 tons, moving on course to intersect through Oya space in a few months. We’re to jump out, scout the situation, and jump back reporting on it.”
Berteph – “Any idea what it could be?”
Triff – “None. Or none they’ve told me. Not sure what else they know.”
Berteph – “You suspect they’re hiding something from you?”
Triff – “Yes and no. Just a hunch, based on someone I briefly met on the base yesterday. I’ll explain later, if you’re up to the task. So, fancy coming for a jaunt? With your background, you may be able to run something in the lab if needed, and between us we should be able to overcome any engineering issues. Up there, I’m captain and you’ll be dogsbody. I can pay 2000Cr a month.”
Berteph – “Without a doubt. I’ve been on this rock too long, and power station supply issues and geothermal heat exchangers get very boring after a few years. When do we leave?”
Triff – “Glad to have you on board. Well, I’ve got to meet with Cmdr Moora in 20 minutes, then it’ll be a case of tying loose ends. Wanna come along and meet the boss?”
[Does he come along? – 50/50 – roll 9 – yes]
Berteph – “Very much so. Always nice to meet the influential”
Triff – “Good. One other thing…” Triff gets out his communicator and shows hime the padlock error on his screen. “You know computers, can you fix this thing?”
[Did Berteph saboage it? – Very likely – roll 24 – yes]
Berteph looks slyly at him, with a slight smirk crossing his face. “Sorry about that boss.” He takes Triff’s communicator, taps it next to his and presses a button. He hands back the communicator, which is now working flawlessly.
Triff looks at the screen, with 3 new application messages. He looks confused at Berteph “You did this?”
Berteph looks down sheepishly – “Well, I had to find someway to guarantee this job.” He raises his head and flashes Triff a sly smile
Triff – “You crafty little bastard.” Triff starts to laugh. “Okay, that’s pretty ingenious. That can be pretty useful up in the void. But don’t pull a stunt like that on me again!”
Berteph – “You’re the boss now, boss!”
Triff – “Too late to even look at these guys now.” He snorts out another chuckle, and deletes all his messages. “We better get to the base.” They both start walking to the scout base.
[Scene wrapped. Chaos stays at 4]
Date – 8322PD-2 – 0900 Laspra time
Scene 7 setup: Triff & Berteph dead to the scout compound to meet with Kimby [Roll against Chaos(4) – roll 10]
Triff & Berteph walk across the scout compound towards the main office.
Triff – “Now remember kid, these people aren’t civilians. They expect a bit more respect than most, and Cmdr Moora deserves it. Please don’t go hacking their comms whilst they’re preparing a new, free, ship for me. Got it?”
Berteph – “Got it boss. No unrequested hacking attempts” he gives Triff a sly sideways glance.
Triff – “Good. I’m surprised she’s not here waiting for us…”
[Is Kimby ready – Very likely – roll 75 – yes]
As if on cue, Cmdr Moora steps out of the main doors.
Cmdr Moora – “Good morning, Triff. Fancy some beauty sleep?”
Triff – “Apologies Kimby, had some ‘techincal difficulties’ this morning.” A quick admonishing glance passes to Berteph. Allow me to introduce my new tech, Bertep-”
Cmdr Moora – “Berteph Gyrante. Son of energy magnate Hanron Gyrante, heir to a good portion of GDS Power Industries.”
Berteph – “I see my reputation preceeds me” he makes a mock bow “at your service.”
Cmdr Moora – “Charmed, I’m sure.” Kimby turns back to Triff, “Seems like you know how to pick your crew right. Let’s take a walk” The trio start to stroll around the compound, under the watchful eye of base security.
Triff – “To be honest, I wasn’t exactly spoilt for choice on this hire. So, any new developments since yesterday?”
[Is there anything else to tell them? 50/50 – roll 34 – yes]
[Is it related to Sice Linson? Somewhat likely – roll 39 – yes]
Cmdr Moora – “Something you said in our meeting yesterday got me thinking. We’ve recently fired an employee who was working on our deep scan set. She’d seemed to become somewhat unstable, worried about ‘big trouble coming’. Only after we spoke did I realize she was working on the exact data we have based this little mission on. Managers being managers, I didn’t realize the connection until she had already been fired. I spoke with her yesterday, and she has some interesting theories on what our anomaly is.”
Triff – “And what would that theory be?”
Cmdr Moora – “To cut a long story short, she believes the anomaly is a match for a colony seed ship that was sent to Eleck many many years ago. Due to the chaos of the fungus and the quarantine, there was no confirmation that it ever arrived there. Given the time involved, we belived the ship had been destroyed, or misjumped and lost. Given it’s trajectory and mass, it must have done a lot of roaming to be in the position it is with it’s current bearing. Like I said, short story. She has a much longer version, which she should probably be medicated for.”
Triff – “So does this story of the psy-fungus hold any water with you?”
Cmdr Moora – “Not to the level that I would base an policy on. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but it would make me slightly more cautious up there.”
Triff – “Point taken. If the ancient reports are to be believed, anyhow…”
Bertph – “Err, what is a psy-fungus?”
Cmdr Moora & Triff both look at Berteph
Cmdr Moora – “Do they not teach basic history in schools anymore?”
Triff – “You’ve really never heard of Eleck? Why it’s red-zoned?”
Berteph – “I always just assumed it was military related”
Triff – “Well, you’ve got some assigned reading for the jump.” Triff turns back to Cmdr Moora “So, have you rehired Sice?”
Cmdr Moora – she lets her shock be known “How do you know…”
Triff – “I had a little run-in with her yesterday myself. Question still stands though.”
Cmdr Moora – “Heh, you always know more than you let on Triff. No, we’ve not rehired her. She may have an interesting theory, but she’s still as nutty as a cheap protein bar.”
[Did Sice want to be involved? – Likely – roll 40 – yes]
Cmdr Moora – “When I let on that we’re sending out a reccy team, she flared somewhat. She was practiaclly demanding to be sent up. That’s your choice though.” Cmdr Moora passes him a small package.
Triff – “What’s this?”
Cmdr Moora – “Everything you need is here. Starport entrance cards, shuttle passes, access codes for the Type-SX, anomaly location information. Plus Sice Linson’s address. Shuttle takes you out to the orbital dock at 1200, maybe you should go see her first. Make a call on taking her with you.”
Triff – “I’ll take that under advisement.” Their little stroll takes them back to the main office doors
Cmdr Moora – “You may need more help than the pretty boy can offer”
Berteph – “I’m more than just a wallflower, Commander!”
Cmdr Moora – “Maybe. Prove it to Triff, not me. Well boys, I’ll see you in a few weeks. Good luck!”
Triff – “Thanks, Kimby”. With that, she heads back inside, and the door locks behind her. Not that a lock is entirely necessary with the 2 security guards stood outside. “Berteph – I’ll meet you at the Starport at 1130. Have everything you need ready. I’m going to talk to Miss Linson.”
Berteph – “Got it, boss. You think she’s as crazy as the commander reckons?”
Triff – “Misunderstood, based on our last meeting. But I’ll have a chat with her, see if she can help. We’ll likely need another pair of hands at some point.”
Berteph – “OK. I’ll have to trust your judgement, but remember there’s no space for crazy on a starship. Barely enough space for sanity, let alone crazy.”
Triff – “I know what you mean. See you in…” looks at noteputer “..2 hours.”
[Scene wrapped. Thread “big trouble” removed. Threads “Psy-Fungus” and “Lost Colony Ship” added. Chaos increased to 5]
Date – 8322PD-2 – 0945 Laspra time
Scene 8 setup: Triff heads out to Sice Linson’s apartment to discuss the anomaly. [Roll against Chaos(5) – roll 5 – modified – remote event – “bestow liberty”]
Triff walks down the side streets up towards Sice’s apartment block. A pair of people are outside a building are talking.
Old woman – “…so they believe whatever it was has worked out of their systems. It’s been a week now with no untoward signs, so they’re releasing them today!”
Young woman – “Really?! When did you hear? Finally Jontin can see his dad again”
Old woman nods – “I heard on the news stream 20 minutes ago. I’m sure your husband will be calling you soon.”
Triff walks up to the pair of women – “Excuse me ladies, who’s been released? I couldn’t help but overhear…”
[Roll on reaction table – DM+3 – 13 (genuinely friendly)]
The old lady looks at him with a smile on her face “The men from the ship ‘Paradisious’ came back to the starport 2 weeks ago, but were quarantined due to some kind of sickness on-board during their gas skimming operations. We never really had any information whatwas wrong, but we’re so glad they’re being released. My son – Anika’s husband – worked aborad that vessel”
Anika – “It’s been horrible, I haven’t spoken to him ince he left. But finally released! I can’t wait to hear from him. I hope he stayed healthy during this worry”
Triff – “I’m glad to hear they are coming out of this alright. Many thanks, ladies” Triff gives a little nod/bow, and a wink to the older lady
Old woman – “And to you too, young man!”
Triff continues his stroll to Sice’s apartment. He hears the old ladies voice as he walks away
Old woman – “It’s so nice to meet a pleasant young gentleman. And with such a tight little behind! If I was 20 years younger…”
Young woman – “Oh my!”
Triff walks out of earshot with a small smile on his face. A few minutes later, he approaches one of the apartment blocks on the south side of the street. A quick check of Sice’s address on his notepute – ResBlock B2, Apt 10 – and he hit’s the buzzer for her apartment.
That’s the story so far, check back later for the continuing adventures of Triff Dyloss and crew!