The Crab Claw Cluster

I have finished rolling up a subsector for the solo Traveller game I’m going to be playing. So I introduce the Crab Claw Cluster, a group of systems on the coreward & spinward edge of Coalition space.

Along with this map (made using the excellent free version of Hexographer), I have also rolled up all the solar systems, and written a short paragraph on each of them – which I’ll likely be sharing in the future.

This sector is a springboard for my Traveller AU – which is very similar in structure to the Third Imperium setting, just with Alien races being a little rarer. Again, I’ll likely explain my setting in more detail later.

As for mapping, does anybody know of any good software for making a solar system map? For the heavily visited worlds I’ll likely use the advanced system generation rules from Book 6 Scouts, but would like a good way to present it… Feel free to comment if you have any ideas!

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  1. Heaven and Earth is an excellent piece of freeware for generating Traveller system maps (and anything up to a Sector of space). You can download it from here It will work on Windows 8 or 8.1 machines – this from a thread on COTI
    “I'm on Windows 8.1. (blech!)

    I right-clicked on the executable file and went to the compatability tab. Told it to run as if it were in an NT environment. Works like a charm now.”

    Hope this helps,

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