USCM Squad

As mentioned previously, I was working on some United States Colonial Marines, for a skirmish level AvP set. Well, I finished them months ago, but never got around to posting. So here they are!


Prepping for just another bug hunt

Overall, I was pleased with how they turned out. I gave some flair to the characters with special equipment, and the squad leader, denoted by coloured paldrons and a matching stripe on the helmet. I have a little bit of detail in the faces with some pinwashes, and the basing came out close enough to the xenomorphs I’d already painted, so was happy enough.

I did try to do a bit of a fancy light blending on the helmets with face shields, which came out okay. But I also made them an APC, where I think the effect worked much better!


This originally started life as a pound-shop toy, some kind of fire truck? It had NYFD all over it at least, but to my eye it looked like a great little APC for 15mm. It is nothing like the personnel carrier that is seen in Aliens, but it is nice and generic enough that I could use it in any sci-fi force. And it looks just about perfect with the squad!


Would never fit anyone else in there though! And as a bonus pic, here are the marines dealing with a xeno infestation:-


Recommended course of action? Nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.